Victorian Bustle Era

Thrifted 19th Century Men’s Sportswear

Once again I apologise for my lack of activity on here. I’m a very lazy person, but I have something victorian era related for you for you again. I wouldn’t call this a tutorial, more like a collection of ideas of how to thrift (!) essential pieces of an outfit.

The time has come to attend another LARP set in the victorian times — 1889 to be exact. My significant other texted me today that he desperately needs some male sportswear but he has no clue what to wear. But fear not, my love, I am here to save you!

I told him we could get all the things in one day and that I would stop by at my local second hand shop (Humana, Währingerstraße in Vienna) and search for some wool suit pants, that have been very popular during the 1970’s. I already had an image in mind:


Luckily enough, I found the perfect pair. They were only a size too big, but that was no issue — he can gain some weight and they’d still fit. The pants were long, so I knew I’d have to crop them. Soon after he joined me and we added a white shirt and a (sorta) matching wool suit jacket, the latter fit him perfectly.

Then we went to a shoe store called “Deichmann” which is very popular due to it’s rather cheap prices. I personally love Deichmann, because they often have shoes that are period inspired or at least LARP appropriate. After trying on a few shoes we found the perfect pair that reminded me a lot of men’s victorian shoes that appear in sport/hunting/cycling fashion.

As soon as we arrived home I cropped the pants and hemmed them (effort of… 15 minutes?):

And then we are done! 🙂 Time for the results!

Isn’t he dashing?

So here’s the list of things we bought/used and the pricing:

  • wool suit pants (thrifted) – 12€
  • wool suit jacket (thrifted) – 22€
  • white shirt (thrifted) – 6€
  • kneesocks (Calzedonia) – bought for a previous costume so… free?
  • suspenders – also bought for a previous costume
  • shoes (Deichmann) – 29,90€
  • cap (H&M) – 9,90€

~ 80€

Not the cheapest costume I have ever thrifted, given more time I could have easily reduced the expenses, but we were kinda in a hurry. We didn’t want to spend more time for searching stuff since the LARP will take place in about three weeks (and usually we get everything done a few days before and end up all stressed out!!). Of course the entire outfit isn’t very accurate, but my significant other doesn’t mind since he doesn’t want to spend too much money and time on sewing a complete accurate piece that will most likely get dirty.

Hope you enjoyed this long overdue posting!


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