Victorian Bustle Era

Victorian Corset (1880s)

First of all, I am sooooo sorry for not updating this blog in such a long time. I’m really lazy
busy with university and other projects, so I never really feel like sitting down and writing something here. Besides, I’m super ashamed for posting low-quality pictures here. I feel like my costumes deserve better attention. ._.

I’ve decided to post a bit of my work from the past 1 1/2 years to make it up to you. Starting off with my victorian corset:

I used Truly Victorian’s 1880 Late Victorian Corset, made of 6 panels, which make a *gorgeous* silhoutte. The print on the cover of the pattern down not make up for it.

Things I used:

  • 1m white corset coutil
  • 5mm spiral steel
  • spiral steel caps
  • grommets
  • corset busk
  • 6m of white corset string
  • white bias tape

After cutting everything, I started of with the two front pieces and sewed outer material and lining (both the same coutil fabric) together and marked where I needed the holes to fit in the busk pieces. One I fiddled them in, I sewed them inside, which looks like this:

I then sewed all other panel pieces together and pressed the seams open.

I then stiched outer material and lining together by sewing the tunnels for the boneing and finished it of with bias tape at the top, leaving the bottom untouched, so I can still fit in the spiral steel.

After pushing the spiral steel into the tunnels with chopsticks, I stiched the bottom shut and finished it with bias tape too. I then inserted the grommets at the back and laced in the corset string. Voilà! As simple as that. And this is the result:

I hope you like it.


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