Victorian Bustle Era

1886 Ballgown

And here is the second part of my promised blog posts, showing you the stuff I made in the past 1-2 years. After I finished the corset I started making the ballgown. Sadly most of my photos are on my old phone which got stolen last summer, but I still have a few left.

First, I started off with the underskirt, again a Truly Victorian Pattern (I think it’s the 1885 Underskirts), made of silver duchesse satin and some heavily embroidered netting overlay.

I then made a butterfly train (again TV) from dark blue duchesse satin in an entire evening.

Train not yet attached to the bodice.

And at last I made the bodice. The pattern I used was from an original which I had found in a book, sadly I no longer know which one it was. The bodice too is made from dark blue duchesse satin and black chiffon, and I left it unboned because I was running out of time. The overall product looks like this:


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