Progress… or not.

So I’m finally back again without any sickness, so I can finally pick up sewing again. I’ve returned to Truly Victorian‘s 1869 Grand Parlor skirt and have assembled all the pieces apart from the front. I’ve pleated the side pieces and I was just about to start the back part with the demi train when I suddenly became absolutely clueless of how to continue. How am I supposed to pleat all this fabric? Should I use a cartridge, box or regular knife pleat? Or should I just ruffle it with the sewing machine? I tried the latter but, as always, the thread ripped apart and all the ruffles were gone again. -.- God, I really hate it when that happens. I gave up for tonight and decided to ponder about it. If ruffling won’t work, I’ll try box pleating it. Wish me luck.


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